IPLAN – Intellectual Property Law Association of Nigeria


The Intellectual Property Law Association of Nigeria (IPLAN), founded in 1994, is an association of over eighty (80) leading law firms, intellectual property rights owners (individual and corporate), and persons interested in fostering the growth of the legal and regulatory framework of these rights. IPLAN has over the years been concerned about the poor state of the intellectual property laws and the administrative machinery for protection and enforcement of rights in Nigeria.

Given our conviction that IP can encourage local technical growth and foreign investment, IPLAN organizes programs aimed at improving the understanding of the nature and workings of IP rights, and continually lobbies for an upgrade of the legal and regulatory regime for IP in Nigeria.

Aims & Objectives

To organize consistent lobbying for the reform of intellectual property legislation in Nigeria;

To play a leadership role in public policy matters concerning intellectual property administration in Nigeria;

To educate the business community, the press and the general public on the importance and proper use of intellectual property;

To provide an extensive range of information and educational programmes and services for its members.

To advocate for the interest of IP rights owners and IP practitioners in relation to the operations and practices of the relevant IP Registries.

Founding President

Professor Bankole Sodipo is a professor of law at Babcock University, where he was the former Dean. He was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1986. He received his LLM degree from the University of Lagos while in legal practice at Chief G.O Sodipo and Co and his Ph.D. in law from Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London in 1995. He also holds a Ph.D in law from the University of London.

He is best known for his contributions to intellectual property law, including research and his work on international civil litigation. He has contributed to teaching at the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University, Queen Mary, University of London and the University College London. He is a senior partner in the law firm of G.O. Sodipo. In 1994, Professor Sodipo founded the Intellectual Property Law Association of Nigeria. He continued to drive the vision and objections of the Association until 2016 when he handed over the current members of the executive committee.